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We have over 28 years’ experience, as a manufacturer of Custom Lapel pins, and Custom Badges all with your logo. All our product range is made to the highest standards. We can offer a complete service, from initial concept design, through to manufacture, and finished with attractive gift packaging. Call us if you need a unique high quality product, or an effective budget priced item.

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Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to let you know I received the lapel pins this morning, and they look absolutely perfect! Thank you. Could you please email me a copy of the invoice as well as post please? Thanks again, really appreciate your quick turnaround time!

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Hi Team,

I have received the delivery. Thanks a lot for your help in this. I really appreciate it. The packing is really impressive. Thanks again. Have a great day!

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Hi Stephen,

We have received the tags and they are fabulous! Thank you so much! We did not receive an invoice with the parcel so I will be checking the mail tomorrow. I am just confirming though that the invoice was sent separately and was not attached to the box. Thanks again. We are thrilled with the final product.

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Some of our manufacturing methods include the following...
Cloisonn? (Hard Enamel) Cloisonné (Hard Enamel) is a technique developed hundreds of years ago for Custom lapel pins, and is still in use because it produces vibrant, lustrous colours perfect for most metalware products. To create this luxurious effect, your design is stamped into a sheet of brass. The recessed areas of the design are then filled with powdered glass. After each colour is added, the design is fired to ensure the colours do not bleed together. Your design is then polished and the brass can be plated with gold or silver etc. if you wish. Choose this style if you want your Custom lapel pins to be of the highest quality, with colours that won’t fade for a very long time. This makes it the perfect choice for commemorative gifts such as, award medals or custom medals, and to celebrate years of service badges.
Imitation cloisonn? Imitation Cloisonné, (Coloured Epoxy or Epola) is very similar to Cloisonné in technique, except it produces a similar look, at a much more economical price; coloured epoxy is used instead of powdered glass. In the short term, imitation Cloisonné hat pins, or custom medallions are nearly indistinguishable from a genuine Cloisonné design. One advantage of imitation style over the genuine style is there is a much wider range of colours, we can even match your company logo Pantone PMS colours, for perfect branding reproduction on your custom lapel pins.
Die Stuck Soft Enamel Die Struck Soft Enamel is one of the most popular techniques for promotional keyrings, and, especially for souvenir and corporate badges. More economical than imitation Cloisonné, die struck soft enamel is stamped, plated, and then painted before being fired. An epoxy coating is then applied to give the design a glossy shine, and also help protect from cracking or colour fading. Like imitation Cloisonné die struck soft enamel styles, have an extremely wide range of colour choices available, including Pantone PMS paints. This technique is versatile, economical and hard-wearing, making it the perfect choice for many products including metalware products, that will see a lot of use with a large production run.
Photo-etched Enamel Photo-etched Enamel is the most popular technique in Australia for manufacture, as it allows for incredibly fine detail. Instead of your design being stamped, it is chemically etched into the base, and then hand colour filled, fired and polished. To protect the colours and design a coat of clear epoxy is applied to the product. On top of being the best technique for intricate designs, photo etching offers a wide variety of colours and is the most economical in terms of price of manufacture. All these factors make photo-etched enamel a great choice.
Silk Screen Printing Silk Screen Printing is a technique most often used for Custom Lapel pins, in conjunction with Cloisonné and colour etched, to apply detail work such as small print or logos that cannot be achieved through those techniques alone. However, silk screen printing can work well by itself, and is applied directly to the metal, and there is no limit to the number of screens that can be applied, and the artwork can be fine or contain precise lettering. In addition, Pantone PMS inks are available to perfectly match your corporate colours and company logo. Due to the flexibility of there being no need to stamp your design into the product, silk screen printing is a good option for high-volume, low-cost uses.
Die Struck Die Struck (no colour) is a simple technique that can produce an antique look, or a clean looking design without colours, with dimension. Generally the product is made of brass or steel, stamped with your design and then plated to your specification. The finished product is often sandblasted or polished. The classic look of a simple die struck pin, custom made badges or medallions make great gifts for clubs and companies in Australia.
Zinc/Pewter products are used for many of the same applications as colourless die struck products, as they have a similar classic appeal, although the pewter products are created by using a mould rather than stamping, so your design comes away from the product rather than being recessed into it. Like die struck, the zinc/pewter technique is good for small details, and cut out designs, and 3D designs, and they can be plated and polished if you wish. Also excellent for custom Coins, they are most often produced using a thick die struck brass, copper or zinc alloy. Often used as souvenirs, awards or celebratory gifts for clubs, and for other corporate organisations, they can have as much or as little detail as you require on the custom badges, with or without colour fill. We have produced quality custom coins and promotional keyrings for many associations all over Australia.
Offset Printing Offset Printing for promotional keyrings is similar in process to silk screen printing, however allows for even greater detail, but the main advantage to this technique is the colours available. As your product is laser printed on to metal, almost any colour can be produced, including gradients and shadows. Excellent for high volume complex designs. Once the ink is dry, we add a layer of epoxy to protect the colours and design, as well as add a glossy shine.
Some of our wholesale range of manufacturer products include the following ....can be presentation carded and used for charity fundraising on shop counters, or sold to club or association members, or sold as merchandising of a retail product range, we have some premium packaging available for this purpose, for example velvet presentation boxes, and also counter display presentation boxes, and we have processed this type of task, for many well-known companies, television shows, and sports teams. Custom Badges have been an extremely popular way of getting your logo, and company name or club, or association noticed. They are long time favourites, and many become sort after collector items, and are traded keenly. They are popular collector products, and especially well known for bands and general promotion. Engraved dog tags have become requested more often in the last few years, and are great for promoting to the youth market. Custom medals and Medallions and Award medals are widely used, as achievement recognition for sports groups, schools and corporate, and can be supplied with display stands and neck ribbons. Custom Coins and Promotional Tokens have many interesting uses, like manufacturing a discount coin with a certain value that can be redeemed for that value, at corporate stores and restaurants etc. Souvenir Spoons and pins are still very popular collecting products, and many people cannot resist purchasing them, at locations on their holidays to remind them of their trip. There are many different ways to produce metalware products such as these. And they can be also be made as 2D or 3D styles, and can be cut to any shape. The most suitable way is usually determined by your actual design or logo that you require a badge to be made for. Although your budget and quantity needed, also determine the most suitable solution. Normally after we have seen, or had a description of the design you require, we can then suggest the best manufacture method for your Custom Lapel pins etc. There are also many different plating, base metals, and metal finishes available, including gold, silver, brass, copper, gunmetal, two tone, black nickel, pewter and also antique finishes for that aged look. As well as choices of fitting attachments ranging from a butterfly clutch to magnet styles. There are many uses for them, including membership for clubs, years of service, school badge, corporate identity, uniforms accessories, souvenirs, awards, etc. There are many different ways to manufacture, and our experience lets us choose the best method, to make sure your design and logo look great, at a price and style that you will be happy with. We also have gift boxes and packaging available for that special touch. They are also used to promote workplace safety recognition. Adstop market one of the largest ranges of promotional merchandise ideas. We deliver to customers throughout Australia including, but not limited to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold coast and Sunshine coast. Let us design some eye catching products for your group today, our extensive experience will ensure you will be thrilled with the outcome. We have providing solutions for Corporate badges, and for years of service etc., for many years, and we look forward to working with you on your project. Call us today, to see how we can help you.

* Products illustrated throughout this site are to show personalisation techniques and not to imply that they have been supplied to the owners of the trademark. Personalised items are only for sale to the owner of that particular trademark or logo

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