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Promotional Keyrings are great way to always have your logo in front of your customer, when together with their car and house keys, Custom Keyrings with your logo can be seen many times a day. They can be made out of various metals or plastics, and plating finishes, and can be gift boxed. Custom Keyrings can even have bar codes on them, which are great for clubs. We can even put a return Postal address on the back with numbering, in case they are lost. Leather Keyrings can also be made, giving an extra classy appearance. Custom shapes are also popular, whether it is a bottle shape, car shape etc, the options are many. We are the Promotional Keyrings experts, and we can do some very interesting and eye catching designs, let us come up with some designs for your business today.
SOUTHCOTT Key Rings BMW  Key Rings CELEBRATE 15 Key Rings yamaha Key Rings HELMSBG Key Rings CASCADE VISITOR'S CENTRE Key Rings
SODA ROOM Key Rings BMW Key Rings Bee Gear, Extra Dry Key Rings Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney GOLD COAST TURF CLUB 2007 MEMBER Key Rings
central Station Key Rings JFP Key Rings BankSA Key Rings Greece Key Rings FoundIT Australia Key Rings Heritage Pacific Key Rings
Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney NETWORK EXTRA Key Rings GUINNESS Key Rings BODYACTIVE Key Rings
Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney RAMSAY NEIGHBOURS Key Rings the beach HOTEL Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney BORAL Key Rings Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney
Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney ADELAIDE LIMITED F.C. Key Rings Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney YOUTHLINE BE CONNECTED Key Rings Key Ring, Brisbane/ Sydney
NOKIA Key Rings I LOVE MAZDA 2 Key Rings The Broncos Key Rings Body Active Australia VIP MEMBERSHIP Key Rings
Key Rings, Brisbane/ Sydney OZ LOTTO Key Rings THE ROSE HOTEL Key Rings KGB  Key Rings
helping you enjoy fitness zest HEALTH CLUBS Key Rings BMW Sylvania BMWv
Tiffany Fitting (4306003), Split Ring (Diecast) (4306004), Rotating Ball & S/Ring (4306005), Split Ring & 2 Swivels (4306006), Custom Wire Attachment (4306007), Belt Clip & Chain (4306008) Split Ring & Swivel H-912 (4300495), Split Ring & Heavy Chain (4300496), G Ring, Swivel & J/Ring (4300497), G Ring, Chain & Jump Ring (4300500),  25mm Split Ring JH-903 (4306000), Split Ring & Figure 8 (4306001)


Promotional keyrings

We provide many custom options, for metalware items for our clients, our product range includes promotional keyrings and custom keyrings. A vast number of design finishes and metal base materials are available. Personalised company logos are displayed on promotional keyrings, for advertising and corporate loyalty purposes, and they can be distributed, to a new target audience or existing customers, to establish recognition and memory recall, of your company name and logo, by using custom promotional keyrings for building new relationships, or maintaining present ones. Promotional keyrings are handy for people to carry their house and car keys, and because of this use, they are frequently viewed by your customers, which creates a subliminal Bond to your organisation, by regular contact and visuals to your brand, every time they use their keys, hence we could see that custom keyrings are effective promotional tools, and are very low cost advertising, considering the amount of views of your logo by a customer.

Promotional keyrings can be presented in a gift box, for offering to the customer as a well-presented gift. Clubs and other groups may also find custom keyrings useful for their business, as a product that can be bar coded, which is helpful in identifying the members to facilitate their entry, or reward program tracking. Also the option of a postal address, being printed on the back of the promotional keyrings, can also be done whereby in a case of a lost set of keys, a product can be returned to the rightful owners. For an additional Touch of class, the choice of leather keyrings are also available for our clients. We also give our customers a wide choice of designs and shapes to choose from when confirming the orders. The promotional keyrings are made in a quality attractive style, so your customers will feel proud of using them. We have over 28 years of experience, so rest assured of our quality workmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction when placing your order of promotional keyrings with us.



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